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14th Planet in the Myria System. All water, extremely cold. Xenonite spy center.
Daved Breggs crash landed on this planet with his flyr after being translated from Shamonj in a lab.

- 253 B.C.
The Xenonites establish a floating refueling station upon the Ocean of Condar.

- 390-400 A.D.
A Hake named Yog Kanorr is inadvertently teleported to Condar in a Sheek experiment gone awry. The Xenonites train him as a Ciri, and he later returns to Shamonj with the pseudonym Quinn. Others are teleported as well

- 462 A.D.
The scientists of Filstar Labs send Satellite One to Condar, which sends back data suggesting the presence of mountains on the surface of Condar and then mysteri-ously disappears.

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