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Lexon (Xanory:alt)
Planet taken over by the Vorians in Book I. Called 'Xanory' by the natives, but 'Lexon' by aliens.
The scientists set up their base here.
Alexander became a scientist with them, and then left to explore the galaxy. Daved also stopped in for a time on his way out of the galaxy.

It is tilted in such a fashion that its sun, Irvina, is directly over its north pole.
Because of this, the top of the planet is blazingly hot, a fire baked, wind scoured terrain of uninhabitable red rock that makes Mercury look cold. On the other side of the planet, the southern hemisphere sits in a shadow, forever dark. Most of it is too cold for people, inhabited only by strange fish living deep in the ocean near thermal vents and a handful of species adapted for life on the cold and dark surface.
This contrast in environments leaves a thin band around the equator for the Xanies (as the locals are called). Of course, ever since the Vorians took control of the planet, the green zone was now controlled by them, and what Xanies hadn't been killed had fled to its edges, left alone to continue life in more uncomfortable climes. With such a narrow band of the planet livable, space traffic was quite congested going to and from the equator to the major sniper-space routes.

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