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Casura (Cranada:alt)
Planet in "green zone" of the Otana System. Formerly known as Cranada. Natives are Basurans.
Visited by Daved Breggs in Yellowbeam.
Huge statues in the cliffs of unknown origin.
Last planet before Vorian territory during Yellowbeam (when they were reduced past Zull Hew)
Has been kept safe by the Xenonites, but in Yellowbeam, an advisor to the king is bribed with a time ship in exchange for convincing the king that the Xenonites must leave their system. He is told that the Xenonites are planning to attack (by Alexander the scientist).
Is taken over by the Vorians shortly after, as well as a neighbor. Is recovered by the Xenonites and restored as an independant planet.
The Casurans looked like an upright praying mantis with its arms cut short, and green lacy wings that wrapped around it like a gown.

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