DataBrowser 3
Build your own encyclopedia!
Automatically links your entries as you create them, with option to search, print and export.
TrumpetPraise Transposition
Transposes any guitar tab into another key.
Includes an archive and links to instrumental worship tabs.
History of a Galaxy
Homepage for the History of a Galaxy book series
Random Quote Generator
Entertain yourself for hours with the random quote generator.
The Sector 23 Code Bank
Code in C# and NET to make my life easier next month when I've forgotten how to do it.
I, Ciri
Explore the galaxy as a Xenonite Spy. Beta version.
Play 500
If you can't find three other people, play the card game '500' with yourself!
High Seas: the Card Game ONLINE Beta
Beta/test version of High Seas: The Card Game online.
The Simeth Dice Game
Play the Simeth Dice Game on your own, or against a friend or computer!
Castle Only
My Online Lego Store (hosted at BrickLink)
High Seas: The Card Game
Sail the High Seas in this original card game only available at!
Invented Board Games
A wiki of prototype board games that I have in various stages of development.
History of a Galaxy Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia for History of the Galaxy - warning: contains spoilers for the books.
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