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SSRS - Comparing multi-value parameter to NULL crashes report viewer
In SQL Server Reporting Services 2005:

I have a multivalue parameter with options 0, 1, and 2 (@Category).

I have a table with options NULL, 1, and 2 in column Id.

I need to filter the table based on the mutlivalue options, with NULL = 0 (since multivalues cannot include null).

However, none of the following filters work. If you run the report and select the '0' option, the report freezes/crashes every time, forcing a kill from task manager.

Attempt 1:
ISNULL(Id,0) IN ( @Category )

Attempt 2:
(Id IN ( @Category )
OR (0 IN (@Category) AND Id IS NULL))

Attempt 3:
( Id IS NOT NULL AND Id IN ( @Category )
OR (0 IN (@Category) AND Id IS NULL))

How can basic SQL not be supported by the report???

It works fine if Id is not NULL.

Created By: amos 9/30/2011 11:24:38 AM