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.NET Generate Local Resource Missing Controls
The Generate Local Resource button on a .NET Page sometimes doesn't localize text or generate meta tags.

It seems to be when:

1. Content is nested inside a repeater or other item with a content template
2. Content is nested inside an UpdatePanel/ProgressTemplate
3. Content is nested inside a Panel/PlaceHolder that is set to Visible=False in PageLoad
4. Field doesn't have a unique ID or ID is blank
5. Content is inside a tr tag with runat=server
6. Content is in a Templated .ascx UserControl
7. Content is in a Placeholder and includes a custom Server Control that contains a Validator missing ControlToValidate property (or other error causing it not to render in DesignView)

1. Add tags manually or move control inside the content template to its own ascx control - and then localize the ascx file
2. Temporarily comment out the UpdatePanel or ProgressTemplate, generate the file, and put them back.
3. In PageLoad, don't hide controls if Page.IsDesignMode = true
4. Give every control a unique ID
5. Remove runat=server from the tr tag. If you are trying to change visibility, nest inside a placeholder. If you are trying to change properties, use a .NET Table Control.
6. Create a server CompositeControl instead of an .ascx file, or add meta properties manually
7. Put content in a Panel instead, or remove the PlaceHolder, or fix your custom Server Control

The tool will also generate duplicate tags if run twice - so I'd recommend deleting the English resx file before running it again. Your foreign file should still match up when you're done.

Created By: amos 6/21/2013 5:55:44 PM
Updated: 3/25/2014 6:09:01 PM