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TFS 2010 Source Control Explorer Freezes
I tried to add a large number of binary files (Word Docs, etc) to the Source Control Explorer and checked them in all at once.

This was a bad idea. I would recommend not checking in too many files at once... this is what happened:

Visual Studio froze. Could not open it again, every time you did it opened to Source Control Explorer and froze. Did not seem to be doing anything.

In order to even open visual studio, I ran VS Command prompt and reset my settings. However, whenever I tried to open Source Control Explorer it still froze (so don't bother doing this). I think it was hung trying to process the pending check-ins and ran out of memory or else a deadlock/broken code.

Reinstalled SP1; didn't help (so don't bother doing this)

Only thing that worked: use the VS Command Prompt to delete your workspace, which kills all the pending changes that are hung.

Command: tf workspaces
This lists your workspaces. It shows your workspace name and owner.

Command: tf workspace /delete WS_NAME;OWNER
This deletes your workspace. It will take a long time to run so just go out for ice cream until it is done.

I reconnected to TFS and added the binaries back a few folders at a time, and it seems to be okay now.

Created By: amos 7/17/2013 10:37:52 AM
Updated: 7/17/2013 10:40:29 AM