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Run Heroes of Might and Magic III on Windows 7
To run Run Heroes of Might and Magic III (HOMAM III) on Windows 7:

Install from CD. It should install to Program Files (x86). Don't install acrobat reader or direct x (you should have those but it won't detect it)

After installation, open installation folder (Program Files (x86)/3DO/ etc...

Find the exe for the game (Heroes.exe or similar name)

Right click the exe and view properties

On Compatibility tab, choose "Windows NT". Also check "Run as Administrator"

Run the exe, hit yet to run as administrator. It will crash every few hours due to a glitch in the music getting stuck/looping. Save often!

Turning sound & effects all the way down seems to help.

Created By: amos 8/24/2013 6:52:45 PM
Updated: 4/26/2023 5:13:00 PM