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Wordfeud vs Wordyx - feature comparison
Wordfeud Free Wordyx Free
Chat yes - and full of spammers/trolls No - no one can send you spammy messages
Boards Standard and Random Standard, Random, Duel, and Epic
Cost Free Free
Ads Ads on bottom of screen, video ads after plays No Ads
Facebook Integrates with FB No FB acct required; will not ask for FB login
Word List Not sure, allows a lot of weird words USA TWL plus newer words for USA
Statistics Not available (unless you pay) Shows rating, percent, longest word, avg word, max game score, and more
UI Sleek, only a few bugs Minimal, only a few bugs
Spammer Exit Strategy You get penalized if you quit a game against a spammer No penalty for quitting as long as you haven't played, in-app button to report offensive user names
Safe for Kids Definitely not. User-generated images and chat. Generally safe.
Outstanding Tiles Tool No Yes
Notifications Yes Yes
Invites User name, friends, FB, or random User name or random. Friends coming in a future release
Multipliers Available DW, TW, DL, TL DW, TW, QW, DL, TL, QL

Created By: amos 9/20/2014 11:33:27 PM
Updated: 9/20/2014 11:47:47 PM