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Cannot Install Updates for Windows 7 due to Windows 10 Notification
Windows Update has not installed updates since July 2015. If I try to install updates, I can see a list of downloaded updates, but the 'install' button has been replaced with 'Get Started' ad for Windows 10.

Change settings to 'do not download or install updates'
Click 'Check for updates'
Wait an hour or more depending on how old your computer is*
It will show a list of updates. UNCHECK and then hide 'Windows 10'
Click some other updates to install and 'OK'.
Now you can install them.

On a laptop with limited RAM, Checking for Updates takes forever. I was only able to get the above to work on a desktop.
I wish I could just use the windows version I paid for without having to download a 10 GB "update" that is known to not work on older computers.

Created By: amos 10/13/2015 10:05:31 PM
Updated: 10/13/2015 10:06:48 PM