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Angular ui-grid filter/export date column
If you render a date column using a custom cell filter, the row filter won't match on the new pattern, instead it uses the underlying data type such as yyyy-MM-dd.
The export also exports the underlying data type instead of the filtered value.
To fix:
Ensure the following attributes are set on your column:

field: 'MyDate', type: 'Date', filterCellFiltered: 'true', displayName: 'My Date', cellFilter: 'date:\'MM/dd/yy\''

And add the following property 'exporterFieldCallback' to your grid (same level as columnDefs, multiSelect, etc):

exporterFieldCallback: function (grid, row, col, value) {
if ( === "Modified") {
value = dateHelper.toUIDateString(value); // implement your filter here to match your row filter
return value;

Created By: amos 2/13/2017 11:39:51 AM