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C:\windows\temp filling up with large cab files
C:\windows\temp was filling up with large cab files.

Noticed this because the C:\ drive was almost full but no folders showed as very large. Turns out C:\windows\temp is a hidden/system folder, so you have to manually browse there or use a disk clean up tool to see that it is filling up. (I used WinDirStat to find this, it worked great.)

Checking C:\Windows\Logs\CBS folder, I found lots of .log and some .cab files
It seems, that windows wasn't able to zip (makecab.exe) one of the .log files (one over 2GB), causing the process that empties the Temp folder to fail.
C:\windows\temp filling up with large cab files, a new 100MB file being dumped there every hour. From 10/2016 to 7/2017 it accumulated 100GB of files.

The fix was:

in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS folder delete the oldest .log file (you can also delete all the really old ones)

in C:\Windows\temp folder delete every cab_xxxx file

Restart computer and wait a day to verify regeneration is not continuing. It should auto-clean up any cab/log files you didn't delete.

Created By: amos 7/22/2017 6:29:50 PM
Updated: 7/22/2017 8:47:06 PM