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Debug site in edge with iis express gives 401 error
On a new windows 10 box, debugging .NET site with Windows Authentication in IE Edge with iis express gives 401 error.

In solution root, browse to hidden .vs subfolder.
Edit applicationhost.config

Find the 2 windowsAuthentication spots and change to:
<section name="windowsAuthentication" overrideModeDefault="Allow" />


<anonymousAuthentication enabled="false" />

<basicAuthentication enabled="false" />

<clientCertificateMappingAuthentication enabled="false" />

<digestAuthentication enabled="false" />

<iisClientCertificateMappingAuthentication enabled="false">

<windowsAuthentication enabled="true">
<add value="NTLM" />
<add value="Negotiate" />


Created By: amos 12/9/2019 3:29:57 PM