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iPAQ Attachment cannot be Added
Now here's a great error message:

Message attachment cannot be added. Check to make sure the correct storage card is in the device. If your device stores attachments on a strorage card, you must insert a storage card to add any files to messages.

Even though you have a storage card, etc, it appears that some bug in the HP iPAQ can cause this to come up after certain files / settings with the storage card become invalid. It happened to me after a program I was using crashed and restarted the system.
A limited number of web users have posted the following fix:
Use iPAQ backup and back up all data except email. Perform hard reset. Restore back up file. Reconfigure your email settings.
Well, wonder of wonders... it worked! Now, if only I can find a component to send emails through .NET without using this buggy email program... : )
I have tested components from Mooseworks, CE Mail, Pocket Outlook ITH, IP Works, and DevMail, but all have failed in at least one aspect of sending and receiving emails.

Created By: amos 3/20/2006 12:13:00 AM