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The Blog format is NOT for URLs
Web designers need to STOP creating pages in the blog format, where the recentmost page is at the URL:
Because, when new posts are added, they put them on "page_no=1" so that they are most recent. All previous pages get bumped up an index. My post that previously was on page 15, is now on page 16, and the next time I use my link to page 16 that either I or google have bookmarked, I end up looking at an Avacado Pie recipe.

An obvious solution is to display the posts in the desired (backwards) order, but to index them in forwards order! Assuming a fixed number of posts, (if it's not fixed, we need to save the index as a guid, or geez, anything other than a backwards index!), then if the earliest post is ALWAYS on page_no=1, and the 2nd post(s) are always on page_no=2, and so on, then adding a new page (page_no=100) WONT rename all my other pages! When creating navigation for a web user, just have them start on page 100, and click 'next' until they get to page '1'. But nooooo that would make too much sense.

So until then, I'm just gonna have to keep on baking Avacodo pies.

Created By: amos 3/20/2006 12:13:01 AM