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Re: General Requests
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Hi Amos!

I tracked you down through puzzling.stackexchange, where about a year ago I posted a few puzzles from the novel I've been working on.

I've now finished a draft of the "electronic escape novel", and am looking for puzzlers who know a bit of coding to take it for a test drive.

I can't offer more than a nominal honorarium and/or an acknowledgement, but from your activity on (and this wite!) I thought this might be so up your alley that you'd enjoy tackling it for fun.

Here's the Craigslist ad that I posted, and that got zero replies!:
"Seeking proofreaders / playtesters of electronic escape novel. Love, or at least rudimentary knowledge, of puzzles, programming, and poems an asset. Pays a nominal honorarium, calculated as 1000 ^ (4n/267 - 2/3) CAD (Canadian dollars), where n is the number of chapters (of 89 total) that you successfully decipher."

Warm best wishes,
Craig (C. P. Boyko)
rot13: pcoblxb ng tznvy qbg pbz

Created By: Guest 1/19/2024 1:10:37 PM