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Genre: Genre of a game
Players: # plyrs

This site is for notes / info on board games I've invented.

If anyone in Minneapolis wants to give one a try, let me know;
just add a comment to the pertinent game, and I'll get an email.

Explanation of Genres:

Family Games
- Generally easier games, usually based on a lot of luck, with straightforward game play
Strategy Games
- Require strategic decisions for victory. Less luck is involved
Card Games
- Games consisting primarily of cards rather than a gameboard
Exploration Games
- Some strategy and some luck, but primary focus of game is on exploration or adventure
War Games
- Game primarily consists of a war/battle between opponents
- Game is still in development

Created: 12/30/2007 11:39:14 PM
Updated: 2/19/2023 5:47:11 PM