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Genre: Card Games
Players: 4

Actually, I didn't invent this game; I learned about it in the Czech republic, but I thought I should post it since it was kind of nifty. It uses a Czech deck of cards, but I'm sure you could substitute a US 52 card deck. Here's the rules, as best I can remember them...

Directions for ???Seven???, the Czech Card Game.

For four players, divided into two teams, with team members facing opposite eachother.
Deal four cards to each player.
Lead player plays a card. Each player in turn plays a card. If they have the same number as the led card, they must play it. Otherwise, they may play any card. When the hand returns to the person who led, they may either pass or play the same numeric value again. If they play again, the trick continues through all four players again. This can continue indefinitely. Once the lead player passes, whoever played the last value of that card (numeric) on the hand wins the trick, and collects all cards to their team???s points pile. After a trick, all players draw so that they are holding four cards, and whoever won the last trick is now the lead player.
A seven is wild and can be played at any time, and always counts as the ???lead card??? (wins the trick). If it is led, you call what numeric value you are leading with (other than 7).
Once the deck is gone, you add up the points won for your team. 10???s and A???s are worth 10 points. Everything else is 0.
The team with the most points wins.

Created: 12/31/2007 12:20:33 AM
Updated: 12/31/2007 12:08:32 PM