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Encylopedia for the History of a Galaxy
This Site has been set up in Encylopedia Mode. Only the owner of the site can edit the entries, but everyone else is free to browse.

It was designed to aid in the creation of a science fiction story that spanned several planets. This encylopedia is perfect for keeping all those planets and characters straight.
Book I of the series is now available at

Feel free to look around. For example, search for 'planet' or 'space'.

Or dive right in and learn about the Vorian and Xenonite History. Warning: reading these pages may spoil the books!

Note how all of these links on this entire page are auto-generated. The links are created automatically based on the text you enter.

Both plain text and HTML are supported when editing your own entries. This makes it possible to add images, borders, or anything else to your entries!

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