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Shamonj (M-13:alt, Myria-13:alt)
13th planet from the star Myria, Myverra Sector. 13 days/week. Solar Year: 300,000 days. No tilt - no seasons. Natives are called sheeple, divided into Hakes and Sheeks (dominant upper class)
Called Myria-13 by outsiders, or M-13 for short.
Celebrate New Year's on change of month.
Atmosphere is a mixture of propane and oxygen.
Icecaps on both poles.

The planet consists of 11 regions:
EAST: Sheeks' Land, Yar, Ranj (formerly Rahn), Selfar, Talgar, The Zone (Hake), Hakes' Area (Hake).
WEST: Kudskar, Champazia, Farwest, Kroga

Discovered by the Xenonites, but left to its own devices for a while.
Hakes and Sheeks have world war.
Setting for much of Greenchair and Orangesky.
Home world of Daved Breggs.

2.83 earth days in a Shamonjian day.
13 shamonjian days in a week
13 shamonjian weeks in a month
13 shamonjian months in a year
135.3 shamonjian years in a Myrian Solar Year

life span: 80 shamonian yrs (about 1500 earth years), but really 'until dead'
1.31 earth years in a shamonjian month

The planet has no ocean but 6 seas:
The Blue Sea, The Red Sea, The Green Sea (these 3 make up The Three Seas), Sea of Mercury (these four make up the Western Waterway), The Coerroth Sea, and Farol Sea
There are four major lakes, Lake Chaaz, Lake Nokoma and Border Lake. The lake SE of Corum is unnamed at this time.

Rivers include The River Swift, The River Yellow, Danjro River, Jerol River, Dabelbrom River, Cardura River, Monjui Stream, Nokoma Waterway, Ghal River, San River


500 BC - Wyvere popularizes the 7 scrolls with a modern translation. The debates between Wyvere and Almech take place
103 AD - The Sheek Authority takes over governance of the planet, including over the Hakes
370-380 AD - Yog Kanorr is vanished away in Hykalondicate experiment (becomes Quinn). Ertius and others are recruited in this same way.
400 AD - Ertius leads the Hakes to rebellion; they form a capital Kaspari in the Hakes' Area. The hykalondicate experiments are ended as a result of Hake's hacking into the lab and sabotaging the equipment and stealing the results
422 AD - Ertius leaves; succeeded by Mahoj who he has trained (the xenonites can't leave him there as he doesn't age; he leaves the Myria system to go on other missions)
440 AD - The rabadons are almost hunted to extinction; around this time the Xenonites learn a Sphere is en route to Shamonj. Mahoj is executed shortly after. Kaspari falls.
451 AD - Quinn appears, leading the Hakes to victory and reestablishing the capital Kaspari in the Hakes' Land
462 AD - Satellite 1 sent to Condar
476 AD - Quinn loses the battle of the Zone, after the Green Chair kills Emperor Gaelen. Sphere bearing down on Shamonj is repelled by the green chair after it's recovered. Rimdar takes over after Quinn's death.

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