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History of a Galaxy Series
Draft Series launched with
Book I, Redbrick.
Book II, Greenchair
Book III, Orangesky
Book IV, Yellowbeam
Book V, Blueshield
Book VI, Violetdawn (tbd)
Book VII, Blacksphere (tbd)
Book VIII, Whiteworld - a prequel (tbd)

Published works include:
2009 - Book I, Redbrick; available at
2011 - Book II, Greenchair; will contain BOTH Greenchair and Orangesky in the same cover.
pending 2013 - Book III, Yellowbeam
pending 2015 - Book IV, Blueshield
pending 2017 - Book V, Violetdawn
pending 2019 - Book VI, Blacksphere
pending 2021 - Book VII, Whiteworld

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