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Sector 23
A 40 acre plot in the swamps of Wisconsin, Sector 23 is the home of several businesses and odd characters. Notable locations include:
The Sector 23 Zoo
Adventures, Unlimited
Hector's Goods and Wares
Amos's house
Captain Redbeard & Broadside's Stands
The Tower
The Mailbox
The Driveway

Some of the individuals who reside on this area include:
Amos Zoellner
Yzarc Renlleoz
Ashton Walker
Hector Hilgado
Seargent Salmagundi
Captain Redbeard
Lan Castor
Luther Basilisk (on occasions)
David the Fake

All of the early Sector 23 Series books are based on the adventures that occur at and around this 40 acres.

> > See also Sector 42, the premises of Nagol and his crew.

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