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All that has happened. Can be summarized by looking at a table of contents or timeline, both of which are titled "History" in the series. (except in Blacksphere, which takes place in the present).

The Doxx first found technology and ruled the galaxy
The Xenonites found technology and their scouts discovered the Vorians (humans), peaceful trade was established
The Doxx attacked Xenon, nearly destroying it; the King of Thoron saved them and gave them the greenchair
Instead of using it for protection, the Xenonites cursed the Doxx, turning them into wild beasts and killing many
This curses Sara Turu, and all of the races are split; the Vorians/Sheeks/etc become aggressive
The king puts a curse on the Xenonites, they cannot land on any inhabited world (so Tovil can visit Condar but not Shamonj)
The Vorians expand, taking over Poram
The Vorians attack Xenon - the green chair is useless against them as mentioned in Yellowbeam
Narsath and Alexander, Vorian recruits, turn the tide of the war
There is a stalemate, the Vorians stay away from Xenon but again expand outward
Lexon falls. Alexander disappears
The Doxx steal an apple from a Thoronite lord
The Vorians destroy Gabbledom, taking the apple
The Dictator gives the apple to Daved
Daved and Alexander go to Thoron and Galaxy's End
Daved captured by the Tiriene
Alexander becomes the Dictator, frees Daved
Xenonite and Vorian truce
Bimi's secret discovered
Modern day

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