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Zull-Hew Sector
Empty region of space between the Otana System (Cranada) and Xanory.
In Book IV, the Dictator has filled this region with war ships, which Daved is about to discover on his way out of the galaxy.

A vast region of empty space between the Outer Upper Arm (and the Vorian worlds therein), and the Inner Lower Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. It can only be crossed by either space-time ship, x-craft of sufficient class, or someone with no life and a hundreds years' worth of supplies and sanity. The shortest route across the space between habitable worlds is from Casura in the lower arm to Lexon in the upper arm. Travel to this region is no longer advised as much of the upper arm, including Lexon itself, is now under Vorian control. Xenonites and affiliated trade partners may make no attempt to cross this region without express permission from the Supreme Coordinator.
- Instruction Manual for Xenonite Spies
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