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Dala Swamp
The Dala Swamp is the largest swamp in Atakala, though whether it is a part of Atakala is arguable. The nearest inhabitants are the Tsya, and even they claim no ownership of the swamp. No one enters the swamp nor exits for any reason. While tales of ogres and dragons persist among small children, the fear of caimans, poisonous insects, and the dreaded tsetse fly are just as compelling deterrents to any seeking a quicker trade route to India, or for that matter, any neighbor to the south.
Nestled against the swamp are the Southern Grasslands to the west and the Free Lands to the east. It is true that the natives inhabiting the grasslands are of a very much pleasant, sunny disposition, lovers of butterflies and mixed nuts, avoiding the Dala Swamp at all costs. However, it is less known that even those of the Free Lands, fabled for the love of swamps (and yes, the headquarters of the BSPAW), have little desire to enter the Dala Swamp. Their dark mud huts and soggy trails continue deeper and deeper into the Free Lands, carrying their goods, wares, and swamp-hugger inhabitants. But even those trails come to a grinding halt at the border with the Dala at the TsyaG????s village

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