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Atakalan Dragon Expedition
Begins as 50 members (plus Riki, to 51) to find dragons in the Dala Swamp, prompted by a set of 7 redbricks (Of the 7, 2 were stolen by Dor-buk before they could be transalted.).
They discover flying dragons which can be easily ridden and return successful, minus several deaths.

Leader: Prince Jarib, Son of Narnuk, Line of Neb, secretly called Tern
Chief Scientist: Omri Bigback of the Badd
Other Scientists: Oalinar, Korsan, Legell, Paliqanwe
Medic: Doctor Foshum of the Adalet
Scribe: Bjorn Hakurney of the Tief
Cartographer: Akla of the Tsyan
Head Cook: Ruiin of the Oklag

Minpleg, Riki, Gabel, Knali, and seven others

First in Command: Corporal Agana, Line of Jaw
Second in Command: Captain Vagunwah of the Mak
Third in Command: Umhir, Grandson of Agana

Foot Soldiers
Mursaid, Jaile, Yarnuk, Turran, Linibata, Nyok, Dhakk, Sokaru, Ebeyad, Nejab (cousin of Jarib), and 17 others

Jaile & Yarnuk lost in the swamp.
Gabel dies of Malaria in Tsya.
Three soldiers killed in Tsya battle.
Riki kidnapped by Dor-buk (later returns).
8 Soldiers & 6 Laborers sent back to Lk Aturan
(leaves 30)


Nebaji/Kiri (princess, line of Neb)
Ends up marrying Bjorn. Goes by Riki until discovered.

Tern (Jarib, but Tern is his nickname) (prince, line of Neb, leader thanks to Zartro)
The leader, very much frightened of the whole thing, ends up being killed by a dragon, thereby passing the crown to Nebaji (Kiri)

Jaile and Yarnuk,
Soldiers, recruited by Agana
Kidnapped by Vorians upon reaching the Dala

Corporal Agana "Mr Agana" (line of Jaw)
Speaks in spoonerisms and anagrams

Omri and Oalinar
Minor characters, scientists. Omri is hefty.

Author/Scribe, friend to Bejan

Off beat soldier recruited by Jarib (Tern)

Vagunwah, Turran, Linibata
Soldiers, killed at umkarum by Riamb of Tsya. Vagunwah was quarrelsome and lead soldier, replaced by Umhir.

Umhir, Nyok (from tower 3 in Sentinel City), Mursaid, Dhakk, Sokaru (foot soldier from Sentinel City), Korsan


Left sick with Malaria in Tsya

Laborer - dies of snake bit in the Dala

Legell, others

Soldier, named after the day he was born (Tuesday)


10 Laborers; 6 were left behind at Tsya, to return to Aturan lake due to not having enough rations;
Mursaid (dies of Malaria)
Ruiin, Knali (prepares meals)
Minpleg (haulers)

Civilian Specialists:

Start: 51
Riamb: Lost 2 soldiers to the Vorians, down to 49.
Tsya: Lost 3 soldiers in battle, 6 laborers left, 8 soldiers left, Riki kidnapped, and Gabel malaria, down to 30.
Dala: Lost 2 soldiers and 2 laborers searching for food, down to 26.
Day 5: 6 men deserted, down to 20.
Day 6: Mursaid sick and Knali snakebit - both die. Down to 18.
Dragons: Korsan and Legell die, down to 16.
Cliff: Kiri returns, up to 17.
Cliff: Bjorn swept away by the dragon, down to 16

The 16:
Kiri, Jarib - king, queen
Agana, Umhir - captains of the army (rooks)
Foshum, Akla - doctor/cartographer (bishops)
Omri, Oalinar - scientists (knights)
Minpleg, Ruiin, Paliqanwe - specialists or laborers (3 pawns)
Nyok, Nejab, Dhakk, Sokaru, Ebeyad- soldiers (5 more pawns)

(up top: Nejab, Bjorn (leaves), Kiri (appears), Agana, Foshum, Dhakk, Paliqanwe, Minpleg, Ruiin)
(down: Umhir, Legell (dies), Korsan (dies), Nyok, Jarib, Akla, Ebeyad, Sokaru, Oalinar, Omri)

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