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Space is divided into sectors based on political/geographical phenomena.

Galactic Sectors are the basic divisions of the galaxy into spaces, along with the general arm designations, outer upper, inner upper, outer lower, and inner lower.
Zull-Hew: between Lexon and Casura(void)
Orion: Earth is in this sector
Myverra: Shamonj is in this sector
Diros: Sector after Shamonj in the outward direction
Vori-Wan: Sector mostly populated by Vorians and worlds they control or once controlled
Delfi: Just beyond Vori-Wan. Home to the infamous Carbon Markets
Dipakk: Unmapped Sector beyond Delfi
Megonic: Sector beyond the Dipakk, patrolled by Doxx
Kkllya: Sector interior to Xenon
Central: Not actually central, but so called as it is populated by the Xenonites who mapped the sectors.
380: Numbered Sector after Zull-Hew inwards from Vori-Wan. Thought unpopulated by the Xenonites, but controlled by the Vorians. Later grouped with the Vori-Wan Sector.
Grikh: Far off Sector mentioned in Blacksphere, with star Aquanion

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