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Xenonite Alphabet
Consonants / pictogram
x Xa X
j Ji |
k Ka /
m Mi \
b Ba |/
n Ni |\
t To /|
f Fa \|
v Vi 0
l La 0/
w Wi 0\
s Sa /0
d Di \0
r Ro *

e Ee - (sometimes transliterated i)
a Ah . (sometimes transliterated o)
o Oh --

Note: Two consonants in succession have between them the vowel sound of the above alphabet. Otherwise a vowel may be used.

x is always pronounced ???z??? even at the end of a word.

A consonant at the end does not include the vowel after.

- words:
Ciri (Sre)=spy
Dir (dr)=port
Xenitaire (Xentar)=a card game played with 4 of each letter (x14) in colors red, blue, black, green.
(a deck of 14 #s and 4 suits may be substituted).

Xado (Xdo)
Tabyx (Tabx)
Gati (Jate)
Empil (Embl)
Treng (Trnt)
Nerobath (Nrbt)
Korobath (Krbt)
Itoron (Etrn)
Xajinim (Xjnm)
Nisaro (Nsr)

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