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Major Tribes of Atakala
The Major Tribes of Common Tongue
Dwelling in the Region of Africa between
the Amono and Oueme Rivers in 181 A.D.,
their Location, and their Primary Village:

Mak, of the Atakora Plateau ??? Makoi
Ralak, of the Kor Valley ??? Ralakiti
Tief, of the northern pass ??? Tief Sitou
Kat, of the Kata Jungle ??? (dispersed)
Adalet, of Mount Sped ??? Adaletou
Tygard, of the west ??? Tygard
Badd, of Lake Aketi ??? Baddig
Tsyan, of Lake Yaro ??? Tsyanou
Oklag, of the east ??? Oklagut
Khand, of Lake Nura ??? Khandou
Aman, of the Southern Grasslands ??? Amanjina
Arush, of Oort Peak ??? Oortou (free lands)
Riamb, of the Dark Wood ??? Riamba Sitou (free lands)
Emin, of the southern swamps ??? Emindol (free lands)

Isolationist tribe: generic name for some tribes that pop up around 500 AD in the free lands near Riamb, splitting off from the others.

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