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Seven Scrolls
Seven Scrolls written long ago on Shamonj (though some believe they were delivered by the gods).
The scrolls are:
Scroll of the Beginning, Past, Present (x4), and Future.

This was once said about them:

The Scroll of the Beginning describes events which no one can recall.
Then it cannot be refuted.
The Scroll of the Past was written after the events occurred, merely one of many history books.
Then we know it to be truth.
The Scrolls of the Present speak only in parables, so they cannot be disproved.
Then what fault can you find in them?
The Scroll of the Future is meaningless as no dates are given: for if the future is infinitely long, then no matter what may be penned, it is inevitable that it will come to pass, whether it be in two days or two aeons.
Then it tells no lies.
I do not see how you can place such value in seven scrolls with so little truth.
I do not see how you can ignore the only writing on the planet which bears no falsehood.
They were written by Sheeple who know only war.
They were delivered by the gods who know only order.
What Gods? Chaos is the only rule, and the galaxy its offspring.
So you have argued before. I can see we are at a stalemate.

- Second Debate of Wyvere and Almech, 500 BC

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