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Kings of Atakala
The line of Neb:

King Nijon of Blacksphere was the father of Leni, and 48th ruler of the Line of Neb, reigning modern day, approx. 2020. Nijon was born in 1973 and crowned in 2007.
His mother was Elijana (b. 1935-2002, who did not live to see the crown)
daughter of 47th ruler Kalu (b. 1917-2007, ruled 1997-2007)
son of 46th Tenn-Rqth (b. 1886-1997, r. 1898-1997)
daughter of 45th Ulduk II (b. 1770-1898, r. 1845-1898)
son of Ulduk (b. 1770-1844, who did not live to see the crown and is thus not counted among the rulers)
son of 44th Gretcen (b. 1745-1845, r. 1812-1845)
daughter of 43rd Raminde (b. 1736-1812, r. 1802-1812)
daughter of 42nd Raenyad (b. 1716-1802, r. 1777-1802)
son of 41st Latiron (b. 1687-1777, r. 1712-1777)
nephew of 40th Tenn-Lakal, who had no children (b. 1610-1712, r. 1641-1712)
daughter of Lakal (b. 1587-1630, who did not live to see the crown)
daughter of 39th Darisaro (b. 1566-1641, r. 1607-1641)
son of 38th Darivu (b. 1527-1607, r. 1606-1607)
brother of 37th Norden II, who had no children (b. 1523-1606, r. 1570-1606)
son of 36th Lebari (b. 1493-1570, r. 1529-1570)
daughter of 35th Nemroz of Violetdawn (b. 1447-1529, r. 1489-1529). Nemroz was named after the violet skies so often seen in mornings (emroz meaning violet). She ruled New Atakala from 1489 to 1489 (for one month) at the fall of the New World and transitioned to Old Atakala as a joint ruler until her death when full rule of the land was passed to her daughter Lebari.
Nemroz was daughter of 34th Tenn-Mqth (b. 1425-1489, r. 1443-1489)
daughter of 33rd Kiri III (b. 1399-1452, r. 1428-1443)
daughter of 32nd Kiri II (b. 1378-1438, r. 1401-1428)
daughter of 31st Norden (b. 1343-1401, r. 1356-1401)
nephew of 30th Elen, who had no children (b. 1265-1356, r. 1301-1356)
daughter of 29th Enila (who co-ruled with her older sister Elina) (b. 1245-1301, r. 1281-1301)
sister of 28th Elina (b. 1242-1281, r. 1266-1281)
daughter of 27th Nara (b. 1209-1266, r. 1245-1266)
daughter of Tinari (b. 1195-1238, who did not live to see the crown)
daughter of 26th Nebul of Blueshield (b. 1166-1245, r. 1180 (on Zartro’s death)-1245)
[for rulers #25-10, dates are approximate due to poor recordkeeping]
son of 25th Tenn-Rqth (b. 1110-1175, r. 1175 and died that same year, handing the throne to Zarto)
son of 24th Eden (b. 1075-1175, r. 1125-1175)
son of 23rd Tern (b. 1050-1125, r. 1110-1125)
son of 22nd Turran (b.1010-1110, r. 1075-1110)
son of 21st Bo-Rqth (b. 990-1075, r. 1065-1075)
son of 20th Pennar (b. 965-1065, r. 1000-1065)
daughter of 19th Nebu (b. 940-980, co-ruled 958-980)
son of 18th Nimrqth II (b. 910-1000, co-ruled 940-1000)
son of 17th Nimrqth I (b. 890-990, co-ruled 940-990)
son of 16th Niri (b. 870-960, co-ruled 940-960)
son of 15th Penni (b. 840-940, ruled 900-940)
daughter of Ebari (b. 810-890, who did not live to see the crown)
son of 14th Fitnab (b. 790-900, r. 860-900)
cousin of 13th Tinuri (who had no children) (b. 765-860, r. 805-860)
son of 12th Nennar (b. 745-805, r. 795-805)
son of 11th Nebnar (b. 715-798, r. 789-795)
son of 10th Samnar (b.693-794, r. 759-789)
son of 9th Kiri (of Yellowbeam) (b. 660-759, r. 690-759)
wife of 8th Bjorn (who co-ruled New Atakala with his wife when they were given the crown after Jarib’s death during a rebellion)
and also sister of Jarib (nicknamed Tern; 'raven') (b. 658-690 and died without a crown)
and also daughter of 7th Narnuk (b. 631-700, r. 672-699)
son of 6th Nabiru (b. 612-672, r. 633-672)
son of 5th Jaineb (b. 573-633, r. 584*-633) *due to age, Zartro did duties early on
son of 4th Neburi (b. 535-606, r. 541*-584) *due to age, Zartro did duties early on
son of 3rd Ebeni (b. 504-541, r. 536-541; died with his father on an expedition)
son of Bo-Neb (b. 553-583, who did not live to see the crown)
son of 2nd Nebsaro (lit: Neb's son) (b. 480-541, r. 506-536)
son of Neb, cofounder of Atakala with Jaw and Zartro of Redbrick, born circa 165 A.D. As described in Greenchair, he gained the crown in 476, ruled until 506, and died circa 530 A.D.

The line of Zartro:
Zartro X - King during Greenchair
Zartro XV - King during Yellowbeam

The line of Jaw:
Jona (3) grandson of Jaw- wrote Um Prindoan
Joao (Greenchair)
Agana "son of Jaw" (Yellowbeam)
Jarris (prince/king in Blueshield)
Hal Jawi (royal cook in Violetdawn)
Jari (son of the Tygard Leader in Blacksphere)

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