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Atakalan Youth of Blacksphere
The leaders are all in town for the council meeting, and their kids have banded together

23 are present.

*9 present at Yzarc's rescue
** present day 4 with Redbeard

Visited lake yaro:
Gretchen (Greta) Ami Samren* - granddaughter of Tumalong, tribal leader of Kat
Zishon* (m.) Zumir* (f.) -brother/sister of Aman

Visited pyramid:
Cela*, from the far south, a swamp-lover in the legacy of Ulduk the Second, quiet
Eryar, son of Adalet leader
Mursad, son of the Mak councilwoman

Visited downtown:
Bryan, the son of the Ralak leader
Leni** - of Tsya; royal prince, son of King Nijon in the line of Neb
Rani, a Badd

Visited northtown:
Strin (f.)
and Stron (m.), the Oklag twins
Jari - of Tygard, descendant of Jaw

Fari - she's in New Zealand
Drolo* of Khandou (the Khoro) - practicing dragon riding (f. 16, straight black hair)

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