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Sector 23 Cast List
Amos: Does everyone know why we're here?
Hector E Hilgado: Ah thihnk 'dah tihtle shouldah givehn iht awahy.
Captain Red Beard: Yeah- we're here to give some sort of ode to Sector 23. Although, I personally woulda preferred giving a eulogy to General Broadside.
Amos: We're on Amos the Real's Hobby Page, and he asked us to describe Sector 23, ourselves, and whatever to his readers.
General Broadside: You coulda at least put me on the other side of the table. Why put me next to Red Beard? That's not nice!
Amos: We'll do this in alphabetical order. I'm Amos Zoellner, fictional creation of Amos the Real. Ashton, you're next...
General Broadside: Hey! I asked you a legitimate question! I demand a-
Ashton Walker: Hi. I'm Ashton Walker. I'm a rocket scientist. Of course, I really would prefer
to be back in New Delhi working on my farm. 'Twas the Asian Economic Collapse that sent me scrounging for a lesser job here in the US.
Buck: I'm David the Real in fiction.
Doc Source: I'm a doctor who the Narrator picked up to help him describe the stories better. I've memorized over 23 encyclopedias and proud of it.
(ED: I'm Ed the Editor.)
Eric Leifson: As Leader of the Pikings, I feel obligated to give our report on our recent happenings... I'm sure y'all remember when we first took over Sam's Pike Stand back in Tsetse Flies, 10 Cents Apiece. Well, we pretended to die for the story, took it back after the flies left, and kept it for a while- but Sam got it back when we fled the area from the dragon Nagol let loose. We plan to explore Canada and steal pike for some time.
Fvron Ivorkya: I impersonated Ed for a while, ate a lot of cats, and was killed by some members of the PTRRRHPTEC. Now, I'm dead.
General Broadside: I seem to be spending altogether too much time fleeing the Captain's revolver. Being a lego figure doesn't help much, since the only guns I know how to work are suddenly way too small.
Hector Hilgato: Ah'm proud tah sahy 'daht Ah seht 'dah unofficial wohrld recohrd tihme in crossin' 'dah sea frohm Cuba to 'dah U.S. ohn ah rahft. Yup, 'dah sharhks wehre bad, 'dah waves were rough, but iht was worth it, tah geht up here and stahrt mah very own business, Hector's Goods and Wares.
Lan Castor: I'm the WalMart ART (Amos Responds, too) broadcaster over at WACV Radio Headquarters (Amos's Crazy Voice.) I work on responding to peoples' questions and making announcements.
Lemelett: Just a fellow Piking, here.
Narrator: The omnipresent and omniscient narrator, I know all that goes on in Fictitional Earth.
Officer Bob: I try to enforce the commotion around Sector 23. Boy, I try. Don't always work, but I try.
Red Green: I mess around in Canada with duct tape, spending a lot of time shooing away pesky Rogues and Pikings. I was named after the great Red Green the Real TV Star.

Remmigen: Leader of the Rogues. We tried to take over Duct Tape Castle a while ago with a cat- a-pult and lotsa bows, but it was unsuccessful. So, we wander around Canada and the Midwest striking terror in people's hearts.
Ross: I'm a Xenonite Master Spy. How I got let into this conference, I don't know.
Sam: I sell mah world famous fresh pike (only 10 cents apiece) up at my pike stand. At least I did, until the Pikings, then tsetse flies, and then the Pikings, again, took it. Delivered mail for a while, and now I have my stand again (thanks to a rampant dragon.)
Sergeant (Sal) Salmagundi: I head the STSFAI, now that Yzarc has been disbanded. We at the STSFAI (Sector 23 Security Force for Alien Intelligence), including Ashton, myself, and hundreds others, work to keep US Security Information safe from spies, and develop new and innovative technologies. We even had this really cool spacecraft, the Octagon Smasher, but its mission didn't really turn out well.
Uzbek Sanyon: I head the USSFAI (US Security Force for Alien Intelligence), which does much of the same work as the STSFAI, only on a much larger and more important scale.
Vann: Yet another faithful Piking Raider.
Weth Er: I work over at WACV on weather reports, news, commentaries, etc.
Yzarc Renlleoz: I'm a crazy guy who was once manager of all of Sector 23. For some odd reason, I seem to be working at some little place called Adventures, Inc. now. I guess that's what I get for trying to save the day.

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