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The Fall of Xenon
No doubt by now you have made the mistake of turning on the lights. If you have not yet done so, I do not recommend it. The scene (the Fall of Xenon) is always identical, and it is no less terrible to watch the hundredth time than the first. But let me relate to you the events which followed this nightmare, events which few know, and even I have only received secondhand from my parents, being only an infant when it transpired.
The Xenonite fleet, if you can call it that, made three synchronous jumps in an effort to flee these invaders. For the enemy had long planned this attack, and had no intention of leaving a single survivor, as they purposed to be the sole sentient species in the galaxy. When they came out of the first jump, they were surrounded by warships; a third of their group was lost. When they came out of the second jump, they were surrounded by warships; another third of their group was lost. When they came out of the third jump, they assumed they were doomed. They were surrounded by ships. But these ships were brilliant white in color, different from the warships. If they were even ships. My mother said they seemed more like leviafins or angels.
The white objects, whatever they were, directed the ragtag remnant to a lone planet, a long, slow operation which is a story unto itself, but which ends with the Xenonite remnant standing before the King of this distant world. For it is a world on the farthest cusp of the galaxy, one which is now remembered as shadowy myth.
Now this King, he is not at all like any of the tales or rumors still sung by children on late autumn evenings. He was a good king, a wise king, a powerful king. His forces had snatched us out of the sky and brought us to his realm. He said he had witnessed the attack on our planet from afar and was so appalled that he vowed to ensure such a slaughter should never happen again. The Xenonites were presented with a gift, a device which would forever repel the invaders from our home world. This of course is the green chair, which has been missing for many centuries. If our long lost enemies ever learn that it is not in our possession, I am certain they will come for us??? for they were repelled but not destroyed.
After presenting the chair to us and giving further in-structions, my father claims the King only bowed his head and suddenly the Xenonites were back on the planet Xenon.
Xenon was utterly charred and ruined, almost unin-habitable, but the invaders were nowhere to be seen. Slowly the Xenonite civilization was rebuilt. Over time, it became apparent that all who had seen the King were living extraordinarily long lives, free from disease and sickness. It was not until their fourth generation had passed away that these old ones discovered that pills made of their blood, when given to others, passed on the effects???hence the life-extension pills in such common use today.
But we old ones, who first saw the King, our own health was somehow bound to the green chair, for ever since its loss, we few who remain have been sick. One by one we died, in quiet corners of the planet. I am the last; by the time you read this I too will be gone.
One specific warning did the king give us. He said the act of the invaders was so utterly evil, so utterly anathemic to the good of the galaxy, that it had unleashed distant powers which would forever turn the hearts of other species towards repeating that act. This was not understood at first, but later it was seen that the Spheres, those hideous orbs of the Usurpers, were what he foresaw.
It was we old ones who formed the Council, who formed the Center for Xenonite Spies, who instituted the program which even now grows ever larger of monitoring every alien world in our reach. For three major things are we monitoring: one, to ensure that our ancient enemies are not gathering in secret force. We do not know who they were, but the spiked signature of their ships and the sheer size would be unmistakable. Two, that no other civilization arises to such levels of technology as to wage war upon us or any other peoples; that we should protect the galaxy from ever repeating that ancient atrocity. And three, to ensure the Spheres are kept as far from Xenon as possible. If one strayed too close, the green chair was used to drive it away. In many cases, such as on M-13, the chair was even temporarily brought to an alien world so that its protective powers might be used in a similar manner as on Xenon (while leaving Xenon itself unprotected for as brief a window as possible).
But the chair is gone, its protections vanished like the Litarin wind. Our ancient enemies will be back, of this I am certain. More so, the Spheres are already on their way; they will reach our gates in a few centuries. And lastly, the civilizations around us flex their muscle, spurred by the enchantments of the Spheres. Younger, newer realms are awakening. The Vorians roar. We cannot keep them all at bay. No, there are difficult times ahead. The video you watched was another gift of the King, if you can call it a gift, for it is a horror and a nightmare. He wished that the Supreme Coordinator???that is, my father, then me, and now you, might never forget what happened so many millennia ago. That we would use the green chair with wisdom and sense to keep it from being repeated.
The King left no direction on what to do were the chair lost. And we could not reach his world even if we flew for a thousand years without stopping, it is so far away.
Do what you can to keep our people alive. But my heart tells me it will be too little. Unless the King again intervenes, the days of the Xenonites are numbered.

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