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Planet where the Xenonites live, circling the star Xenia. Contains 4 landmasses, an arctic, antarctic, Xado (primary) and Karral (outlands)
long been united.
Mass: 2X earth, 0 moons, close to the sun, long year.
1 yr = 10 earth years, life span is about 1000 earth years.
Treaty of the URX included provision for shape of Xado.
CXS is the Center for Xenonite Spies, located in Xado City, HQ is the Xagon
Language: Xenish (meep)
Rotation: 1/2 day
Revolution: 1 day
Tilt: negligable.

Four continents: Nisaro (north), Xado (center), Karrol (east), Avery (south)
Four waters: Empil (west), Tabyx (north), Trent or Treng (east), Gati (south)

Burnt by the Vorians long ago.

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