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The Green Chair
There is much that could be said about the Green Chair.
Shows up on Shamonj in Greenchair book.

Was recovered from the Sheeks by the Savior in Orangesky.
The Sheeks took it from Nyck.
Nyck Seekall finds it after Hans lost it.
Hans got it from Zak.
Zak bought it from a Nomad Salesman for a piece of gum. He said he bought it for 75 cents from some guy named Moz. Apparently, Moz found the chair lying among some junk in The Zone and had taken it.
It had fallen there unexpectedly due to a collision in a Xenonite ship that was transporting it.

In yellowbeam it is noted:
Somewhere in Xado the green chair, that weapon of old, lay hidden. Twice it had defended Xenon from enemies (used to turn back the Doxx and later unspecified agressors). More recently, it had turned the Usurpers away from the Inner Arm of the Galaxy (Shamonj). It was almost lost in that mission. All believed that it was being kept on Xenon as a final defense ??? that if every other sector fell, Xenon alone would be saved by this weapon if it was held closely and not risked to save another world.
The Supreme Coordinator knew better. The space-time drive would not work against the Vorians. It had been tried before, and failed (for the Vorians were already cursed and could not be so again? Does it work on sheeks?). Only Alexander???s hard work had saved the Xenonites from annihilation.

Stolen (by Bimi most assume) in 687

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