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Master Xenonite spy. Aided Narsath in the first Great War.
Suspected taken by the Vorians during a mission to Lexon, but actually was spying on the scientists, learned about the yellow beam, and joined them. Was the leader of the mad scientists, until he left on a venture to the end of the galaxy in a state of madness. By Book V, he has been captured by the Tiriene, then rescued by the Vorians.
He describes his history in Blueshield:

???If you truly are Daved Breggs, the Xenonite Spy, of whom I have heard much, then you are an ally with myself, for I too am a Xenonite Spy. You say that I am a Vorian, and that is correct, for I am from the Vorian System, born there thousands of years ago. As a youth, I was a humble engineer in a Vorian fleet which patrolled the galaxy looking for suitable worlds to conquer. Our fleet was captured during the Great War between the Vorians and the Xenonites. After the war, the Vorians were allowed to return to their home system under the terms of peace, but the engineers and scientists were given the opportunity to join the Xenonite service, for the Xenonites knew little about running the space-time ships of old which were used in those battles. Of course, no one but the scientists of Xanory could truly keep them running, and in time most of the Xenonite space-time ships were abandoned, and I was out of a job. I was then given the opportunity to become a Xenonite Spy, engaging in missions to minor worlds and far off places. I worked hard, and few took notice of me.
???When the Dictator returned to power among the Vorians, and began rebuilding their fleets, I was approached and asked if I would work in Vorian space, to find out what the aims of the Vorians were, and protect the interests of the nearby planets. During those times, the Vorians rapidly increased in their power and took over many worlds, but the damage was lessened through the efforts of myself and others who worked to hinder the Vorians??? efforts.
???Again and again, I penetrated Vorian security, even stealing several of their space-time ships and giving them over to Xenonite control.???
???I have heard of your efforts,??? said Daved. ???They said you were the best spy that ever served.???
???I doubt that. But, I did work for what seemed to be an eternity, and helped many worlds in their fight to remain independent of the Dictator. Over the course of years of careful espionage, I made hundreds of trips back to the Vorian System. There, I had formed an alternate identity. I was ???Orsuch???, a Vorian scientist who frequently left for Xanory to work with the other mad scientists. Of course, much of that time I was in neither place, but off spying in my space-time ship, the last of those which were still in repair.
???I did spend some time in Xanory, as well. There, the scientists kept my ship in working order. I left often, telling them that I was off stealing from other worlds, and as long as I continually brought back interesting gifts for them, they held me in high regard. Of course, I never was off stealing. Rather, I was doing spy work for the Xenonites, who paid me well enough so that I could purchase the trinkets which appeased the scientists. In time, the scientists grew to think of me so highly, that they thought of me as one of them. I took on my own persona there, feigning insanity. I called myself ???Alexander the Great???, borrowing from a legend I once heard from an earth spy. I also found it amusing to adopt a second fake name which was, basically, my real name.
???Good fortune was with me, and eventually I was became highly regarded among the Vorians, and also obtained high status among the scientists. They consulted me often, and shared with me much wisdom about the making of space-time ships. Also, the Xenonites gave me ever higher ranking, and more difficult missions. I became very busy.
???Perhaps, my success was my own downfall. One day, I found myself bound on a top secret mission to intercept the Dictator himself. I was aboard his private ship, as Orsuch, a wealthy Vorian aristocrat, who would be significantly financing a new project to take over Xanory. I had grown fond of the old scientists there, and eagerly sought the chance to prevent the conversion of that entire planet to Vorian control. But, I miscalculated the hatred of the scientists for the Vorians, who had betrayed them. As soon as I had boarded the Dictator???s ship, the scientists attacked ??? it was a complete surprise; they had never before bothered anyone from their closed fortress, except to steal treasures from exotic worlds, conduct smuggling operations, and go on vacations.
???Despite their space-time ships and high tech gear, their insanity rendered them completely ineffective against the sheer number of Vorian defenses. The scientists were forced to retreat, using the space-time ships to get away without any trouble. Yet, one ship was captured, and the scientists on it brought in for interrogation??? torture??? and death.
???I was asked to come join the interrogation, to give my counsel and input into what to do with the scientists. On the ship, I could not decline, and there was no way to avoid the situation. The Dictator demanded that I join him. But, if I did, I was doomed, for the scientists would surely recognize me, Alexander the Great, their superior.
???I found the space-time ship that had been captured. No one but the scientists and myself knew how to operate it, so it was sitting, unattended, in a hold. I could think of no possible way to rescue the scientists, so I simply left. To this day, I sometimes regret that I did not try to save my friends, but I could think of no plan remotely feasible, and time was running out before the Dictator began to wonder where I was.
???I took the ship back to the scientists??? headquarters on Xanory, and there I hid; surely my cover was blown, and I could never show my face again in Vorian space. I waited, spending my time studying the scientists??? ships. I desperately strove to understand how they worked, for still, though I ranked over the scientists, they taught me all the knew, except the construction of the ships.
???I forgot both the Vorians and the Xenonites, and allowed the passions of the scientists to become my own. I became just as obsessed with war, money, pleasure, and above all, space travel, as they. I tinkered with machinery for days, weeks, years, and became indistinguishable from the scientists themselves. I gave up my old name, Orsuch, and went only by the name Alexander the Great.
???One day, I have no idea why, I got in my space-time ship and took off. I do not know what compelled me. I flew and flew; my voyage was in many ways just like your own. My only goal was to leave the galaxy and see what lay beyond it. On this very system, the last of its kind before the end, I paused and restocked my supplies. I left from Thoron the next day, heading straight for the next galaxy ??? but, that is when I discovered the end.???

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