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Vorian and Xenonite History
In the days of old, there were many worlds scattered among the galaxy as divers as the very stars themselves. And on these worlds were created both plants and animals, with rivers and falls and meadows and hills for their use. But there were certain worlds to whom were granted a most remarkable wonder - beings that could not only see the world in which they had been placed, but could also engage it, molding it to their whims and desires. Above all, they had been given both desire and power to bring order to their worlds.
And thus these beings wrought their effects upon their lands. On Earth, men raised not only great cities with towers and fortifications, but also gardens and farms that stretched across Mesopotamia. On Shamonj, great monuments were cast into the marble cliffs by the Sheeple. On Cranada, the Rimilthia drew roads and borders upon their planet.
But greater than even these in both desire and power were the Xenonites and the Vorians. Whiles man was yet hewing tools from stone and wood, they had advanced in the fields of science, building spaceships of such design as to populate other worlds even outside their own systems.
And thus these two first in the galaxy learned that great fact: they were not alone. While exploring the nearby stars, the Xenonites chanced upon the Vorians. Peace was made and they exchanged goods for much time.
[It was during this interim that the Vorians expanded throughout the Vori-Wan Sector, including to Poram, where they subjugated the Clourii and built their time ship factories]
But, the Xenonites did not know that the Vorians were very much perturbed at the presence of others in their galaxy. For they were also working to populate the stars and establish their name alone in the worlds that they found.
It was without warning that their ships appeared in the green sky over Xenon, and they began to attack its unwalled cities. The Xenonites had no knowledge of their coming and were caught completely unawares, for it was soon made clear that the Vorians' crafts could travel with little regard to space and time. The Xenonites had no experience or knowledge of war and were quickly overtaken. (~2000 BC)
All hope for the Xenonites would have then been lost, were it not for the legendary actions of Narsath and the other scientists who has worked to perfect the Vorian space-time ships. These few were in great dismay concerning the use of their invention for war and not peace, and thus, through extraordinary effort, escaped with a fair number of the ships to Xenon. There, they offered the Supreme Coordinator the use of the powerful craft in exchange for a promise not to avenge their people, but only the Dictator and those who had held power. (Alexander helped them escape)
Now, these new craft were advanced even beyond the previous ones that the Dictator controlled, for they had been improved upon in secret even as the battle raged. What speed their predecessors had became as snails' to these, and thus the Xenonite forces forced back the Vorians to their home. (led by Alexander)
The Dictator, being very powerful and also very persuasive, bargained with the Supreme Coordinator for his life, and a deal was reached in which the Vorians was left to their own devices in exchange for the surrender of their entire fleet. Additionally, the scientists who had developed the space-time ships were given to Xenon and allowed to continue their work, though for the uses of the Xenonite forces.
Narsath and the other scientists agreed to this bargain and from then on cooperated with the Xenonites, save for one small matter. The secret concerning the construction and maintenance of their most powerful ships they kept to themselves. The design of the lesser ships, however, was shared, and has become the prototype for the X-Craft that exist to this day. Thus, relations between the two stabilized and the Xenonite spies kept a close watch on the Dictator and his people.
But, no one could have anticipated what happened next. Though the signs were there, no one realized at the time that the Vorian scientists were going insane. They became mad scientists, with a heart for cruelty and invention, and their good deeds of the past were forgotten by even themselves. As they became menaces to their communities, they were one by one sent to prison, and eventually passed away with minds in utter confusion.
With the scientists gone, as the ages went by, the greater space-time ships fell into disrepair, for Narsath and the others had kept their secret to the end. And thus the Dictator became a formidable foe, for he began to once again manufacture the space-time ships as Xenonite supervision lessened. The Xenonites could do nothing about it, for their forces could scarcely penetrate the large defensive forces the new Vorian Dictator had set up. Instead, they kept a wide berth around the sector and worked to ensure that the situation never happened again.
In a similar manner, the Vorians kept away from Xenon, for the Xenonite fleet had become so great in number that it was beyond any chance of defeat. Instead, they focused their energies on overtaking planets that the Xenonites did not yet control, using their resources for their own power and fortification.

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