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Creature from Shamonj. Partially sentient. Vocabulary includes one word, gulah.
Only a few were known to exist on Shamonj by the time of Greenchair; some held in prison in Seoltin, and one held in captivity (illegally) by Mordei and Marthah Keim.
By Yellowbeam, it was imprisioned in Sheoltin. A type of doxx.
There are others in hiding in the wilderness that only the V'hogle know of.
Wuter Heins wrote a book on V'hogle in which he mentioned that a rabadon could likely never be domesticated. Mordei's was in fact the only attempt, which is why it was unable to attack a Sheeple (saw them as its master), but it was very mad at Mordei for keeping it in a cage.
The other rabadons have limited intelligence, though they will someday return to being V'hogle (the same day all Sheeks turn back into Hakes, fulfilling the ancient prophecy that the Sheek race will be destroyed).
The 7 scrolls also say ''The evil creature will be shut up whilst your leader walks among you'' - this quote really refers to the King, who visiting Shamonj, sees the rabadons and they are quieted, then turned into V'hogle.

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